Our Story

Our first Ophelia Swimwear shop opened in Grayton Beach in 2010. Today, we have three locations, our own swim brand, and an e-commerce store.

Our style is elevated and eclectic, a collection of unique pieces you won't find anywhere else. Our shoppers say that when they wear our swimwear and outfits, they feel special and confident. The Ophelia girl has that classically cool vibe.

We love being involved in local art and fashion events, and we collaborate with local designers too.

What You'll Find

In our shops, you'll find everything you need to look and feel your best at the beach. We want all women to feel beautiful in their swimwear, and we carry a variety of styles to suit all ages, body types, and preferences. From classic conservative lines to trendier more youthful styles, we have something for everyone.

We also carry cover-ups, sunscreen, sun hats, beach totes, and accessories. We have a variety of wardrobe options too.


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Ophelia Love

We're now in our third year of designing our own line of swimwear, Ophelia Love. Our owner, Tori Von Hoene, and designer, Claire Harman, spend the off-season traveling to Colombia and India to meet local artisans who help bring their ideas to life. Claire is a fashion design major who is passionate about creating swimwear that fits well and flatters all body types.

Customers are always amazed by the color, feel, and fit of our collections. Claire's knowledge of fabric dyeing helps our artisans in India create one-of-a-kind tunics with natural handmade dyes.

  Ophelia Love


About the Name

The name Ophelia was inspired by the 1975 song from The Band, as well as the ingénue of Shakespeare's Hamlet. In the play, Ophelia drowns after a branch from a willow tree she's climbing breaks.

Tori knew the irony of naming a swimwear company after a drowning Shakespeare character, but she wanted to breathe new life into Ophelia's story. That's why the shop's logo features a girl with flowers in her hair floating along, the flowers bringing her back to life. The flower is incorporated into much of our branding, symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings for our feminine and romantic character.

Why Northwest Florida and 30A

Tori has vacationed on the beaches of 30A for years, and her family had a second home on the coast before she moved here from Louisiana. She loves the area and wanted to raise her two daughters here.

We hope you'll come visit us soon and experience the magic of Ophelia for yourself!