Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida you'll find a string of pristine and picturesque coastal communities we call home - the 30A beaches. This 19-mile stretch of scenic highway, officially named County Road 30A, offers an enchanting escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. If you've traveled here, or have made 30A your home, you know why we love it so much!

Dotted with charming towns, turquoise waters, sugar-white sands, and a laid-back atmosphere, the 30A beaches capture the hearts of travelers and locals alike seeking a tranquil and idyllic coastal getaway.

The Jewel Towns of the Emerald Coast

If you're visiting for the first time, here's your official guide to the towns of 30A.

As you embark on a journey along 30A, you'll be greeted by a series of inviting beach towns, each with distinct character.

From west to east, the towns of Santa Rosa Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, WaterColor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Watersound, Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach, and Rosemary Beach are waiting to welcome you.


Often regarded as the heart of 30A, Seaside is a masterfully designed community that showcases a unique New Urbanism concept. The town's pastel-hued cottages, white picket fences, and idyllic streets invite visitors into a storybook setting. Explore the Seaside Farmers Market, browse the art galleries, and enjoy a meal at one of the town's renowned food trucks or cafes.

You can find our Seaside shop at 123 Quincy Circle, Seaside, FL 32459.


Grayton Beach

Known for its bohemian vibe and artistic spirit, Grayton Beach captures the essence of the old Florida lifestyle. Grayton Beach State Park offers opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore hiking trails, paddle through coastal dune lakes, and enjoy a secluded beach experience. The town's eclectic blend of art galleries, boutiques, and waterfront dining options creates a vibrant and laid-back atmosphere.

Rosemary Beach

This Mediterranean-inspired town boasts cobblestone streets, European-style architecture, and a town square as a hub for community gatherings and events. Rosemary Beach offers an upscale yet welcoming ambiance.


With its charming lakefronts and meandering bike trails, WaterColor offers a seamless connection between man-made amenities and the natural world. The community is characterized by its upscale yet down-to-earth appeal.

Alys Beach

Recognized for its striking white stucco buildings and lush courtyards, Alys Beach has a distinctly Mediterranean feel. The town's elegant architecture is juxtaposed against the vibrant emerald waters of the Gulf.

Hidden Gems: Inlet Beach and Miramar Beach

Inlet Beach

Tucked away at the eastern end of 30A lies Inlet Beach, a serene oasis that boasts seclusion and natural beauty. What makes Inlet Beach special is its untouched ambiance, offering a quiet escape for those seeking solace. The beach is characterized by its pristine sands and the peaceful waters of Lake Powell – one of the largest coastal dune lakes in the area. 

You can find our Inlet Beach shop at 27 Hub Lane, Inlet Beach, FL 32461.

Miramar Beach

Venturing westward from 30A, you'll find Miramar Beach – a destination that blends luxury with a laid-back coastal vibe. Miramar Beach is renowned for its upscale resorts, beachfront condos, and world-class golf courses.

You can find our Miramar Beach shop in Grand Boulevard at 440 Grand Blvd #103, Miramar Beach, FL 32550.

Embracing the Outdoors: Activities Along 30A

Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoor beauty of our home!

Exploring Coastal Dune Lakes

One of 30A's unique features is the presence of coastal dune lakes – rare, pristine bodies of water connected to the Gulf by occasional tidal flows. These lakes offer opportunities for paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching.

Biking the Timpoochee Trail

Stretching the length of 30A, the Timpoochee Trail is a scenic bike path that winds through lush landscapes and coastal communities. Rent a bike and traverse this picturesque route to discover hidden gems and stunning viewpoints.

Water Sports

From paddleboarding and snorkeling to parasailing and jet skiing, the Gulf waters beckon adventure seekers to indulge in a variety of water sports.

Retail Therapy: Shopping in 30A

We love the shopping here in 30A, from charming boutiques to art galleries, the beach towns along 30A offer a diverse array of shopping options catering to various tastes.

Our shops are in the heart of the 30A beaches, we designed Ophelia Swimwear to capture the spirit of Florida's laid-back luxury. Our designer swimwear brand is featured in our shops, we also offer a variety of other designer brands and celebrate art, design, and the love for the beach lifestyle.

What sets Ophelia Swimwear apart is our commitment to creating thoughtfully designed pieces with care and attention, reflecting the essence of 30A itself.

You can find us here:

  • Ophelia Seaside: 123 Quincy Circle, Seaside, FL 32459
  • Ophelia Grand Boulevard: 440 Grand Boulevard Suite 103. Miramar Beach, FL 32550

  • Ophelia at The Hub: 27 Hub Lane, Inlet Beach, FL 32413

Culinary Delights and Coastal Flavors: Dining Along 30A

We love food! Indulging in the culinary scene along 30A is a journey in itself. Our area offers diverse flavors, from casual seafood shacks to upscale dining establishments.

Savor freshly caught Gulf seafood, enjoy farm-to-table dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, and sample artisanal treats from charming bakeries and ice cream parlors.

Tips for a Seamless 30A Experience

  1. Plan Ahead: Research the towns, attractions, and events along 30A before your trip to make the most of your visit.

  2. Pack Smart: Essentials include sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, comfortable shoes for exploring, beach gear, and reusable water bottles.

  3. Rent a Bike: Take advantage of the bike-friendly environment and explore the towns and trails at a leisurely pace.

  4. Respect Nature: Adhere to beach regulations, avoid disturbing wildlife, and help maintain the area's natural beauty.

We're So Happy to Call 30A Home!

The 30A beaches offer a refreshing escape to a serene coastal paradise in a world filled with bustling cities and fast-paced living. We love living here, and seeing our Ophelia friends and family enjoy this special place year after year!

Our charming towns, stunning beaches, diverse outdoor activities, and vibrant community spirit, invite travelers and locals to slow down, unwind, and embrace the beauty of the Emerald Coast. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or a blend of both, our magical 30A beaches provide an unforgettable experience that will leave you rejuvenated, relaxed, and happy!

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