Ophelia Swimwear is the place for beach fashion on 30A in Florida. With a wide selection of bikinis, one-pieces, cover-ups, and accessories, you're sure to find the perfect look for your next beach day. Whether you're looking for a classic black bikini or a trendy floral one-piece, Ophelia Swimwear has you covered. 


Why 30A?

Our very first Ophelia Swimwear shop opened in Grayton Beach in 2010; today, we have 3 locations and an e-commerce store.

Before we opened the first shop, Tori Von Hoene vacationed on the beaches of 30A for years; her family had a second home on the coast, and she moved from Louisiana 5 years before our doors opened. It’s the perfect place for a family, and she wanted to raise her two daughters here.

30A's beaches are the real deal. Picture this: pristine white sands stretching for miles, inviting you to lay back, soak up the sun, or build the sandcastle of your dreams. And the water? Crystal-clear and calm, perfect for all your aquatic adventures, from snorkeling to paddleboarding. 

Taking a drive along 30A is like stepping into a postcard. The highway winds along the Gulf Coast, passing through lush pine forests, rolling dunes, and hidden beaches. Nature buffs, take note - there are state parks, and nature preserves aplenty.

It's the place to immerse yourself in Florida's natural beauty. Plus, there are adorable coastal towns like Seaside, Rosemary Beach, and Alys Beach to explore - they're Instagram-worthy, trust us!

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About Ophelia Swimwear

Now, our beachwear haven is where you can find everything you need for a fab beach getaway. Our style is elevated and a bit eclectic - it’s a collection of things you can’t find anywhere. Our shoppers tell us that when they wear our pieces, the suits and outfits are unique and recognizably from our shop.

The Ophelia girl has that classically relaxed feel. We’ve always loved being involved in local art and fashion events and with local designers, too. In our shops, our goal is to offer everything you need to look good at the beach. We want all women to feel beautiful in their swimwear.

It’s moms and daughters and women of all ages and sizes, with suit styles ranging from classic conservative lines to trendier, more youthful styles. We have designer swimwear, of course, and then everything else needed for a stylish beach day: we have beach bags and handmade towels with a touch of glamour.



Why Ophelia Swimwear Is a Must-Visit

Let's keep it real - here's why Ophelia Swimwear should be your next stop:

Shop Local

Ophelia Swimwear is all about local love. We're a homegrown business that's part of the 30A community. When you shop here, you're helping keep the local economy going and preserving the unique vibe of 30A.

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Personal Touch

Our crew at Ophelia Swimwear knows our stuff. We'll help you figure out your style and what makes you feel beautiful. Then, we'll hook you up with the swimsuit that makes you shine.

A Wide Variety of Swimwear

Ophelia Swimwear offers an array of swimwear. They've got it all, thanks to designers like Poupette St. Barth, Hunza G, and our own label.

Embracing the 30A Lifestyle

Ophelia Swimwear isn't just a store; it's a ticket to the 30A lifestyle. You can shop and then dive headfirst into the 30A experience.

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The Takeaway: Your 30A Beachwear Destination

In a nutshell, Ophelia Swimwear and 30A are a match made in beach heaven. The stunning beaches, jaw-dropping landscapes, and vibrant coastal lifestyle provide the perfect backdrop for this top-notch swimwear boutique.

Whether you're a local or just passing through, Ophelia Swimwear on 30A guarantees a chance to soak up the beach culture that makes this place unique. Don't miss your chance to upgrade your beach style while diving into the beauty of 30A's beaches and lifestyle. 

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