30A TOWNS: what to wear!

     Summer right around the corner can only mean one thing: time for a trip to 30A! With several towns painted by their unique beaches and populated with only the best shopping, 30A is every beach and shopping lover's dream vacation. If you're embarking on your dream vacation this summer to 30A and heading to the awe-inspiring towns of Grayton, Seaside, Alys, and Rosemary; you are probably racking your closet and surfing the web for the perfect outfit. Stress no more, we have you covered. We picked out outfits that will have you feeling beautiful and comfortable for your favorite vacation of the year!

   Grayton should be the eighth wonder of the world. Its crystal blue waters, sugar white sand, and the rare coastal dune lake meeting the ocean make it one of the most spectacular beaches in the United States. It's the perfect beach spot for the family. The coastal dune lake offers a shallow place for children to play while parents still get to gaze at the Gulf of Mexico and soak in the sun!
    If you're a lover of old cars you will love this spot. Grayton is the only place on 30A where cars are able to drive on the beach (you must have a special permit). You'll be sure to spot old Broncos and Defenders driving onto the beach to hang out for the day. Cars aren't your favorite mode of transportation? No worries, bike around Grayton's hanging oak trees and quaint cottages on the way to and from the beach or dinner. The famous Red Bar restaurant is located right up from the beach and is known for it's live music and mouth watering bloody mary's!
    What to wear: Grayton has a lot to offer but is also one of the more laid back towns. Your outfit should have you ready for anything: beaching, paddling, biking, and grabbing something at Red Bar. The Cleonie Shell Bikini is a detailed neutral that goes perfectly with Grayton's beach vibe. The cinched coverup is light and easy to throw on in between activities. And top the outfit off with the perfect natural hat. 


    Have you ever seen the Truman show? You know that perfect little town with white picket fences? Yes, that's Seaside. Not figuratively, literally! The Truman show was filmed in Seaside. If you haven't seen the movie, we highly recommend watching it before your vacation to see Seaside's charm in full effect. 

    Seaside offers a beach experience by the Cabana Man that the parent will love. You can rent a chair setup on the beach and even order drinks from your chair! And don't worry the kids will have a blast, with Ono Surf Shop conveniently located right before the beach access you can find Waboba balls that skip on the water or the famous Surfer Dude toy that surfs back to you for purchase. Wondering what's for purchase for the adults? Seaside has no shortage of one of a kind shops. You can find surfboards, sunglasses, clothing, home accessories, toys, and swimwear! 

    Ophelia is a must stop shop for all things swimwear, clothing, and accessories. We recommend heading here towards the beginning of the trip so you can wear your fabulous finds for the remainder of your vacation! If waiting to pack for your vacation is a little out of your comfort zone, we got you! Head to our online store to find everything you need for your beach vacation in one place. 


    What to wear: For hanging out beach-side at your chair setup we have picked out a bikini designed in Seaside from Ophelia's private label collection! What better bikini to wear in Seaside than one designed there? We have paired this stunning suit with a Poupette dress that can be worn while shopping and dining because of its's great coverage and class. 



     Picture this: Greece in the United States, decorated with palm trees, and filled with people biking. You've pictured Alys Beach! Alys Beach is known for it's unbelievable architecture and absolutely breathtaking environment. It has the ability to make you feel like you are in a whole other country with its towering homes and wandering paths weaved throughout. If you have never been to 30A before, be sure to schedule a walk through Alys beach into your itinerary. 

   Speaking of scheduling, perhaps schedule a sitter so you can go to one of the Wine and Song nights in Alys. With live music and wine tastings, this could be a great end to your perfect date night. For more information you can click here. Looking for something a little more family friendly? We have great news for you! This summer Alys will have tons of live music, plays, and other adventures for the whole family. To see all events in Alys click here.


   What to Wear: Alys beach is where fun and sophistication meet, so we are gonna reflect that with this outfit! The classic Casacca dress and coverup are perfect for strolling around and the wide brim hat protects your skin while in the sun. The Ophelia Love bikini is a work of art just like Alys. Its structural design of one strap and high quality fabric makes it the ideal wear for your time in Alys!


   Cobblestone roads and streets lined with beautifully crafted homes, shops, and restaurants. Welcome to Rosemary. Rosemary is a place where both parents and kids will be begging to go. Parents will be in love with the shopping for her and him as well as the plethora of cuisine Rosemary offers. Kids will be buzzing to head over to the Sugar Shack! The Sugar Shack is just that- a place with all the sugar you could want! Candy, chocolate, ice cream, and so much more. 
   Every parent needs a little sweet treat too and if you can't find what you fancy at sugar shack head to La Crema across the street. Treat yourself to tapas, a glass of wine, and most importantly Chocolate fondue! Or head to the rooftop without the kids for a sunset cocktail and meal at Pescado. The dining in Rosemary is off the charts and there is something for everyone! 
   As you walk toward the beach of Rosemary, you will find yourself at a large green lawn with people having a picnic, throwing the football, or sitting and admiring the sunset! Take some time here with the family to talk about the favorite things you've done on your 30A vacation while watching the sun go down together.
   What to wear: If you are in Rosemary you will most definitely be wanting to wear something restaurant and walking friendly- which is why we've chosen this versatile Pistola Romper. Under we have our Montce One piece in case you guys decide to soak up the sun on the beach! Sandals are a must to take on and off in the grass, beach, and stores! 
     Well that's it! We have ventured to some of the most beautiful towns in the world! Okay, maybe we are a little biased! Once you experience it for yourself, let us know your thoughts and memories from your dream 30A vacation! Share this with your friends/family and follow us on Instagram @opheliaswimwear for more!

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