Maybe we are biased, but we think 30A is the best place in the world, so inevitably we combined our two favorite things: bikinis and 30A. We present you with the 30A suit. Inspired by all of the wonderful places, beaches, and people that make 30A the memorable place that it is. 

    We partnered with Rebekah from Goldfish Kiss to create the most "30A" print ever. Here are some of the details behind this iconic new print: 
    Starting off strong with the vintage bronco, this vintage bronco is on its way back from a beach day in Grayton. They were one of the lucky ones to win the raffle for a beach permit! Yes, you heard that right! Walton county residents can enter a raffle to get a beach permit that allows them to drive right up on Grayton Beach. Head to Grayton for the long beach, coastal dune lakes, or to see some vintage beach cars!
    The iconic scenic 30A road sign lets you know you are on the best road in Florida! Scenic 30A is a highway that runs along the sugar white sand and emerald coast waters of the panhandle. The highway is decorated with the most beautiful beach homes and is home to everyone's favorite beach towns: Gulf Place, Grayton, Seacrest, Seagrove, Seaside, Rosemary, and Alys Beach.
    Speaking of scenic 30A... on this suit you will also find picturesque palms adorning the road. These palms are a signature to our area and are especially magnificent at the entrances of Alys Beach. If you're a palm lover, be sure to drive through for a beautiful 30A sight!
    One of our favorite modes of transportation on 30A is biking! Grab a beach cruiser with a basket (like the one in this print) and head down to one of 30A's several farmer's markets. Stuff your basket with lots of fresh produce and bike back to your dreamy beach stay or residence!
    If you are going to be purchasing the 30A print in one of its multiple styles you must respect our one wish: go around and ENJOY 30A!! We hope that when you wear this suit you feel the magic of this beautiful place. 
Xo- the Ophelia Girls

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